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King’s Stairs Gardens, located alongside the River Thames, is a well-served park offering a picnic area, a children’s play area, a green hill (offering spectacular views along the river) and riverside walks. It is a wonderful wildlife habitat, has a wide variety of trees and has undergone ecological enhancements with the creation of flower meadows and butterfly borders; these measures have resulted in the area being, very deservedly, designated as a local Site of Importance for Nature Conservation.

The green space was proposed in 1947 during the redevelopment of the area following the devastation from the Second World War. It was opened in 1982.

King's Stairs Gardens


King’s Stairs Gardens was awarded Village Green status in 2012. It has also been awarded protection through the charity Fields in Trust.

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The park can be entered from Jamaica Road, Mayflower Street, Elephant Lane, Fulford Street and Paradise Street. 


The area was named King’s Stairs Gardens as the stairs from the river to the park were used by Edward III and his entourage to access the monarch’s nearby manor house.

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