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Society Constitution 







The Committee undertakes to act in accordance with this Constitution.


  1. Adoption of the Constitution


The Society and its property will be administered and managed in accordance with the provisions of this constitution.


   2. The Name


The association's name is the Rotherhithe & Bermondsey Local History Society and in this document it is called the "Society".


  3. Objects


3.1 The Society's objects (the "Objects") are:

(a) to encourage and promote interest in the history of Rotherhithe, Bermondsey, the surrounding area, Docklands and the River Thames;

(b) to promote a sense of community and unity within the areas designated in (a) above and the surrounding areas by demonstrating a shared history;

(c) to promote social activities for residents of the areas designated in (a) above and the surrounding areas by offering regular meetings and lectures;

(d) to produce a twice yearly historical chronicle (the "Redriffe Chronicle") and make this available to our members and other local

institutions (such as libraries, historical archives, other historical societies);

(e) to encourage research into and promulgation of the history of the areas designated in (a) above and the surrounding areas;

(f) to co-operate with groups seeking to promote tourism in the areas designated in (a) above and the surrounding areas; and

(g) to work in co-operation with other organisations to achieve the aims outlined in (a) to (e) above.



  4. Powers

In order to carry out the Group's Objects, the Committee have the power to:

(a) raise funds, and receive grants and donations;

(b) operate a bank account;

(c) arrange lectures on appropriate topics and visits to places of relevant interest

(usually, but not limited to, eleven events per annum, one per month excluding August), including booking venues and speakers;

(d) charge subscription fees from members;

(e) purchase and maintain capital equipment, as appropriate;

(f) appoint Patron(s), from time to time, (any Patron so appointed occupying an honorary position only having no powers in

connection with the operation of the Society);

(g) select suitable candidates for the roles of President and Vice President(s), and propose these to the Membership

for formal approval in general meeting; and…’

(h) perform any other act or deed reasonably deemed necessary in furthering the Society's Objects.


  5. Meetings and proceedings of the Committee

5.1 Management Committee (the "Committee")

(a) The Committee shall consist of a Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Registrar, Events Co-ordinator, Chronicle Editor,

and an additional member without portfolio (maximum 8 members).

(b) One person may hold more than one post.

(c) A quorum for a validly constituted meeting shall be 3 members.

(d) There shall be a minimum of three meetings per year.

(e) Any Member wishing to raise any matter for discussion shall give notice in writing to the Chairperson or to the Secretary; items for discussion may be dealt with in person or by electronic means.

(f) Voting at all meetings shall be by a show of hands.

(g) A simple majority of votes shall carry a decision.

(h) In the event of a tied vote and excepting in the case of elections to the Committee, the Chairperson of the meeting shall have an extra, casting vote.

(i) Although historical advice may be given, it is the policy of the Society not to become involved with campaigns, or protest or pressure groups. No member of the Society or the Committee may represent themselves as acting or speaking on behalf of the Society without the express consent of the Committee as a whole.


   5.2 General meetings

(a) An annual general meeting will be called, usually in April of each year but, in any case, not more than 15 months of the previous meeting.

(b) At least three weeks' notice shall be given of the date of the annual general meeting.

(c) Nominations/volunteers for the committee, proposed amendments to the Constitution and other items of relevant business must be notified to the

Secretary or to the Chairman, in writing, not less than two weeks prior to the date of the annual general meeting.

(d) A quorum for a validly constituted general meeting shall be 10 members.

(e) Decisions shall be carried by a simple majority of those Members present and entitled to vote.

(f) In the event of a tied vote and excepting in the case of elections to the

Committee, the Chairperson of the meeting shall have an extra, casting vote.

(g) Any 8 Members may sign a requisition for an extraordinary general meeting, giving the same notice as for an annual general meeting.


   6. Finance

(a) The Committee shall keep proper accounts of all monies belonging to the Society. The Treasurer will be responsible for managing the financial

affairs of the Society.

(b) All cheques drawn on the Society's bank account must be signed by at least two Committee members (in accordance with the signatory

mandates lodged with the Society's bank from time to time).

(c) Annual accounts shall be presented to the Society at the annual general meeting.

(d) The Society's funds shall be lodged in a bank approved by the Committee.

(e) The income of the Society shall be applied solely towards the Objects of the Society as set out in clause 3 and no payment shall be

made to any Member or honorary officer, except the repayment of out of pocket expenses.


  7. Membership

(a) The Society is apolitical and practices no form of discrimination.

(b) Membership is open to anyone on payment of an annual subscription fee the amount of which is set by the Members at the annual general meeting

and for as long as that Members subscription is renewed annually and maintained current.

(c) At the discretion of the Committee, membership may be withheld or withdrawn only in circumstances where a person is considered by the Committee,

to have acted in a manner detrimental to the Objects of the Society, its anti-discriminatory policy, or to the objects or interests of the Time and Talents Association. Any Member so dealt with shall have the right of appeal at the next ensuing General Meeting for reinstatement.

(d) The Committee shall have discretion to waive all subscriptions or charges in respect of young persons undergoing full-time education.

(e) Honorary Membership may be conferred, at the discretion of the Committee, upon individuals not currently Members who have been of particular

service in furthering the Objects of the Society.

(f) A Member may invite up to two Guests to meetings and events organised by the Society on the payment of an appropriate Guest fee (the amount

of which is set by the Members at the annual general meeting). Guests are not entitled to vote at general meetings.



The organisation may be dissolved at any time by a resolution passed by a two thirds majority of those present and voting at a validly constituted

special general meeting of the organisation.

(i) Any funds or property remaining after satisfaction of all debts or liabilities shall be given or transferred to such other institutions having objects

similar to some or all of the Objects of the Society.



Beverley Lucas, Honorary Treasurer (for and on behalf of the Committee)

Rotherhithe and Bermondsey Local History Society

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